Computer programming and consultancy activities

Since 1998 we develop and study global information management solutions that go through different areas, from traditional management areas to the most specific areas of production.

Always linked to information systems, we acquired the ability to transform experience into a decisive and sustained factor for the success of the solutions developed.

The development of computer solutions started in an IBM environment on the AS/400 mainframe, followed by the development of solutions for microcomputers. It is logical that during all these years there was a need to work with different database systems such as DB2, mssql, oracle, mysql or postgres sql, etc., and numerous development languages. It should also be noted that for any of the systems developed it is always necessary to use BI tools, ie reporting, so crystal reports, jasper reports, ireport, etc., there are also numerous tools used, so the experience gained in any development environment is huge which allows the best choice and use of technology that brings together the best characteristics for each project.

Software engineering

The focus is essentially on the development of management solutions adapted specifically to each business model. A constant work that allows us to have always attractive prospects for the future and present the latest news year after year.

Our mission is to identify and develop solutions aimed at satisfying and valuing our customers, their human and technological potential. Our main values ​​are respect for people, an ethical and trustworthy attitude towards our employees, customers and suppliers. We are ambitious and have as main objective a constant evolution both as human beings and professionals. We value the optimization of processes so that human and natural resources are not wasted, value is created, work synergies that benefit all our partners and contribute to an increased profitability of your business.

We are dedicated to the development of software solutions in the scope of information technologies, namely in the area of ​​management and organization, with the differential of personalizing and adapting them, adjusting them to the specific needs of each of our customers, so that these exactly fit your real and daily needs.

We always aim to simplify procedures for our clients so that our client can obtain competitive advantages both at the procedural and financial levels

Main areas of expertise

  • Software development consultancy
  • Implementing solutions
  • Implementing data domains
  • Implementation and structuring of data networks
  • Specialized technical support training