SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND OUTSOURCING – We develop and distribute software solutions.

The use of highly configurable software may not be enough to meet the requirements of projects with unique characteristics, sometimes companies are faced with specific situations, which apply only to the company in question. In these cases, it is necessary to adapt and create functionality that is not found in any existing software on the market. We develop and implement tailor-made solutions, having accumulated a wide knowledge and experience in this area.

The specific development of solutions goes through several phases:

  • The identification of the requirements defined by the applicant.
  • Order specification, that is, the exact and rigorous description of all phases of the project, as well as all processes / modules / features.
  • Software architecture to ensure that the solution will meet product requirements, as well as ensure that future requirements can be met. The architecture stage also addresses the interfaces between software systems and other software products, as well as with basic hardware or the operating system.
  • Implementation (or coding)
  • Test the software. Several testing activities are performed in order to validate the software product, testing each functionality of each module, taking into account the specification made in the design phase. Where the main result is the test report, which contains the relevant information about errors found in the system, and their behavior in several aspects. Application of corrections to any problems detected.
  • Documentation of the internal software design for future maintenance and improvement purposes.
  • Formation. A large part of the projects fail because the user is not comfortable using the tools created. People usually resist change and avoid venturing into unfamiliar areas. So, user training is very important!
  • Support, maintenance and constant improvement of solutions. Support, maintenance and software improvement deal with the discovery of new problems and requirements.

DOMAINS AND DATA CLUSTERS IMPLEMENTATION – The domain networks represent the progress towards the management, control and security of working groups. For the administration of your IT environment to be consolidated, it must be based on the centralization of authentication resources, user profile, profile policies, storage and data access permissions. With a single account, users can validate themselves on the network from any machine (where they have authorization) to, from there, take advantage of the network resources defined individually for it. Domain networks therefore bring greater possibilities for standardizing, controlling and standardizing the company’s IT policies, such as security with a focus on user authentication; facilities in the implementation of centralized backup systems; facilities for organizing and simplifying access to your network resources, centralizing them; strengthening security; and user access control.

As a general rule, the structure of work groups, users and their permissions is planned, including the structuring of the server (s) for file sharing, internet, printers, firewall protection, remote access services (VPN), network structures. backup, and following up to network deployment. Usually these implementations are intended for organizations with more than 10 users and are willing to advance administratively and technologically in their IT structure. Implementations in Windows Server, Unix, Linux, etc. environments can be performed. HADR (High Availiability Disaster Recovery) solutions can be implemented. IBM DB2 HADR (High Availiability), MySQL / MariaDB HADR, Microsoft SQL Server HADR implementations can also be implemented (High Availiability) , and other database engines. For those who want a completely cloud solution, implementations can be carried out for, for example, Azure AD free, Basic or Premium domains. In this type of solution it is also possible to integrate the physical environment with the cloud environment, allowing another set of solutions. (For example Azure AD / Office365)

AUTOMATED SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENTS – There are many deployment scenarios you can choose from depending on your environment and the purpose for the installation. We have extensive knowledge in automated deployment and management of Windows, Mac OSX, and various Linux distributions, and supporting software.

CYBERSECURITY | NETWORKING | HYBRID IT – Our offer begins with the design and conception of the solution, adapting it to customer needs and the physical space existing in the client’s facilities, in order to guarantee the necessary conditions for the proper functioning of the systems. Subsequently, we proceed with the implementation of production systems that are based on convergent infrastructures for processing, data storage and other IT components.

We offer wired and wireless access solutions, including switches, access points cybersecurity solutions and cloud services. By leveraging these solutions, IT teams can optimize operations and simplify user and device troubleshooting.

WEB MARKETING – This service aims to highlight the presence of the costumer or an idea that you want to transmit on the internet. It is essential to publicize the customer’s website in search engines, so that it becomes as effective as possible and captures the largest number of potential customers.
We create and manage newsletters that are sent to a list of (potential) customers. These are designed according to the specifications and design requested by the customer.

HOSTING AND DOMAIN REGISTRATION – This service consists of hosting the website(s), as well as providing tools for its management, necessary for the maintenance of the entire system, in order to ensure its correct operation continuously, with permanent monitoring of the web server where the website is hosted.
When creating the website, we make every effort with the domain regulator in order to ensure the domain desired by the customer.

VPN – VPN solutions are more abundant than they were a few years ago. In fact, there are tons of choices on the market, but some of them can be very expensive. If you need to provide remote access to the office, or even provide access to a remote office, and don’t have a huge budget for a dedicated VPN device, we can develop a project to fulfill your VPN needs.